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Employment Advice

Employment advice and legal support tailored around the specific needs of individual employers of Personal Assistants.

What we do

However you choose to get in touch, support is close at hand.

24/7 Helpline

Our telephone service operates 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year!


WhatsApp Messaging

Now the most common form of communication via a smartphone we are set up to chat.

Online Resources

Powered by the Independent Living Group, ILG Support has unrivalled online resources to mirror the support we provide.

Template Documents

All template documents are fit for purpose and designed with individual employers in mind.  They are also available in larger font and dyslexia friendly font.

Video Tutorials

We have put together a suite of video tutorials introducing our customers to some key topics and relevant information.

Video Calls

When additional support is needed we are happy to arrange virtual meetings via commonly used platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Part of The Independent Living Group

Why are we different?

To advise individual employers effectively it is necessary to understand the principles of Self-Directed Support.  We understand that support for Direct Payment and Personal Health Budget recipients operates best when it is tailored around the needs of individuals.

A Proactive Approach

Our pro-active, personalised approach to legal advice is designed to ensure everyone gets the level of service they require precisely when they need it.


Meet The Team

Our team has expertise in Employment Law, Social Care & Customer Service.

Rachel Harkin

Rachel Harkin

Head Of Employment Advice Line

Rachel has joined ILG Support with drive and ambition to provide the very best service for individual employers. Bringing with her many years’ experience as a legal adviser, specialising in support for Individual Employers, Rachel is on hand to offer technical advice and support to our customers and support teams, with a relaxed and easy to understand approach. If Rachels’ hubby can persuade her to put the lap top down, you’ll find her watching films with a nice glass of vino.

Ian Hunt

Ian Hunt

Senior Employment Adviser

Ian has joined ILG having an extensive background in HR management. As well as offering technical excellence, Ians caring and hands on approach to dispute resolution means he is an ideal person to help our Individual Employers navigate difficult situations with employees. Ian is thrilled to participate in our programme of proactive support for Individual Employers with a sense of giving back to our society. As an avid Newcastle FC supporter and dedicated family man Ian can be found huffing at the television most weekends whilst also entertaining his two young children and lovely wife.

Nathaniel Mapiki

Nathaniel Mapiki

Senior Employment Adviser

Nathaniel is highly qualified in HR management and joined ILG having come from a background in advising business clients. Nathaniel has invaluable experience in managing technical employee disputes, but his caring manner means he brings kindness and compassion to his role advising individual employers, securing his reputation as a favourite adviser to many of our callers.   

 In his spare time, you’ll find Nathaniel teaching his young son new skills and showing off a little of his piano playing!   

Sophie Todd

Sophie Todd

Employment Adviser

After 7 years working in the Mark Bates Group, Sophie brings to her role in ILG considerable employee management skills and an understanding of Direct Payments, Personal Health Budgets and the support system around them. With a kind, easy to talk to approach to her advice, Sophie has an immediate empathy with our callers as well as excellent employment law knowledge. In her spare time you’ll find Sophie running in the countryside … we think that’s to burn off all the cake which she bakes at home!  

Chloe Cooper

Chloe Cooper

Trainee Employment Adviser

After having supported all aspects of administration of insurance policies for individual employers, covered by Mark Bates Ltd, Chloe chose to join ILG to further her opportunities to do more for our employer group. Chloe has a keen eye for detail, is unbelievably organised and no stone is unturned in her quest to learn and further develop her skills. Chloe’s ambition and meticulous attention to detail mean our customers can rest assured that they are in capable hands when speaking to Chloe on any matter.  

During her down time Chloe spends her time socialising with friends and binge-watching Netflix – her latest tele obsession is often the topic of conversation in the office! 

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